Sunday, December 11, 2011

Allergy testing from friday 12-9-2011

Quick update.  Friday was Caden's first round of allergy testing which consisted of 7 sticks to the back.  He tested positive for soy, milk, egg, peanut, shrimp and scallops, with soy and shrimp being 2 of the worst.  This would have been helpful to know before I gave him soy for the past 4 years since we knew of the milk allergy during his infancy. He did not test positive for gluten, thank God.

This week is more testing, including environmental and more foods.  Since he has IgE levels so high, the blood work will not be accurate, so the skin testing is required.  The weekend has been very busy, with 3 baths,and the same wrap/ointment regimen.  He is looking more and more amazing day by day, so my hopes are high.  Hopefully I can maintain this success and never see him suffer as much again.  Visit his page to see new pics and stay tuned, there's more to come!!

Will check in tomorrow or the next to update.  Love to all.

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