Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jimmy and Marilyn LO

OK, so I used to be a smoker....before my brain developed and I realized I was killing myself. I quit, I started, I quit, I started. get the picture? Anyone who smokes or used to gets it. It's an evil I LOVED. It was MY time, MY solitude. MY break from chaos and I miss it. However, I do not miss the way I smelled, my teeth yellowing, the ick I tasted in the morning. So, when I came across this picture of Marilyn and Jimmy (oh, I love that bad boy!) smoking on the top of this building I was taken back to that time. You know it, it's that breaking point in the day where nothing is right and you RUN as fast as you can. My go to was outside to have that little break from crazy. "Treasure the Moment" was a good sentiment here for me and I did every time I lit up. On the flip side of this addiction I now know how wretched smoking was for me and those around me. The real eye opener for me was watching my bio father die slowly from drinking and smoking. There is nothing in this world more awful than watching someone die after years of smoking. There is nothing worse than the smell of their lungs dissolving in ICU. There is nothing worse than hearing their last gasp for air as they die and leave us behind to miss them everyday. Vivid and painful are those memories, but they changed my love for smoking into a ball and chain that I fought to be rid of for a very long time. I can happily say I won the battle, gained a few pounds and miss the "moment" frequently. With that said, I will never go back to it even if I slowly lose my sanity along the way (insert cackle here). This lovely set of scrap goodness is from our "Karma" kit at Scraps of Darkness and is just so lovely, join us, we would love to see you there! Hugs and magical wishes to all!

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