Friday, February 1, 2013

New News for Caden

We have had a very rough night and day with Caden and things are looking better this evening.  We were up all night with chest pain and wheezing and ended up in the ER this morning.  There does not appear to be infection or fluid in the lungs which is good news.

The first guess is that he may be developing asthma, which most of you know goes along with eczema.  Before the label is placed, we are doing breathing treatments and steroid treatments.  It is possible this is has a virus, which is my hope since asthma can be such a serious and restrictive problem to live with.  He doesn't need anything more to deal with right?

Anyway, we are staying the night tonight and hopefully go home tomorrow with additional breathing treatments in house.  I will keep everyone posted as we learn more!

Hugs and magical weekend wishes to all,
Jenny (and Mr. Caden too)!

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  1. Hope he's doing better! Both of my boys had eczema and illness induced asthma as babies and toddlers. Praying that you have a good outcome, poor little guy! Hugs to you too, mama. I know how hard it is to deal with severe health issues. You seem very strong, and an amazing advocate for your boy!