Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18, 2011

We have had a full weekend of adventures.  Caden looks amazing and is full of energy.  We started our Saturday with a trip to the hospital with a check with Dr. Covar, then a soak and seal.  Then we went to the amazing Fairmount Cemetery here in Denver.  Afterwards we went to the zoo, where Caden finally got to see the giraffes.  I am posting pics on his page and on the statuary page.

Caden's zyvox med is going good with no problems and he is sleeping peacefully at night after his last soak and seal for the day.  I am amazed at how we don't need antihistamines anymore and am hopeful that this will continue when we get home.  He is not having any open sores, cracking, bleeding or crusting whatsoever.  Even more amazing is that he is not digging at himself and his skin is still healing so great.  Since he has had so many years of intense scratching and cracked skin his extremities will take quite a while to begin to look normal, whatever that may be only time will tell.

We return Monday morning to the hospital for the final 3 days of treatment and then hop on the plane to home to celebrate Christmas.  Caden got to meet Santa tonight here at the Ronald McDonald house, and I was able to convince him to get a picture only after I agreed to sit on Santa's lap too.  Too funny, but hey, it worked.  Poor Santa....Until tomorrow, sweet dreams!

Love to all,
Jenny and Caden

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