Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec 15, 2011

It's late and we are just settling in.  The zyvox is going good and we are going in Saturday morning for a skin check and Caden's first soak and seal for the day.  Then we are off to the zoo!  Caden has decided he wants to see the elephants first and then the giraffes.  The giraffes were first originally, but he has changed his mind.  Sunday is snow boot and cemetery statue picture day.  He is excited to play and explore, I think he is starting to get my warped sense of adventure......

We are homesick and missing everyone, but I think Rudy and Jerry are missing us more...Mom thinks Rudy would be happy with a little face time with Rudy, but since he's almost deaf I am wondering.  Maybe seeing our faces will make him feel better, poor furry friend.  We may get snow on Tuesday, hoping it doesn't hinder our escape back to Sooner land.  I had hoped to post pics today, but we are just exhausted, so I will do it this weekend, especially since we will have lots more goodies from our adventures!!

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