Friday, August 10, 2012

update on Caden

We are finally there, Mr. Caden Thomas is getting ready to start kindergarten in less than 2 weeks!  We are so happy that he has made it through such trying times and we are so grateful to all of you for the prayers, love and support on this difficult journey.

We are scheduled to meet with his future teachers and caregivers at school before classes begin to discuss his needs and make a plan to enable him to receive the best education and care possible.  Jerry and I are so excited for him on this new journey and are anxious to see him learn and grow, hopefully with some new friends and a positive experience.

We are, of course, worried that some children may try to pick on him since he is different than others, but the plan is to educate the families in his class about his condition and help them to understand what a brave and amazing boy he is and has so much to offer to this world.

Wishing everyone a magical weekend,
Hugs, Jenny


  1. oh how exciting.... you guys must be over the moon. Can't wait to see you scrap his first day of school!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks mon!! we are and can't wait to see him soar!